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Hey there gorgeous,


After spending countless hours perfecting my craft behind the salon chair, I've found my true passion lies in creating stunning dimensional colors, crafting seamless hair extensions, and taming tresses with keratin magic. I'm not just your average stylist – I'm a certified extension aficionado, a color guru, and a keratin expert.


But you know what keeps my fire burning? The pursuit of knowledge. I make it a point to dive into multiple classes throughout the year, soaking up the latest trends and techniques like a sponge. Why? So I can always offer you the freshest looks.


Oh, and here's the deal: I'm not just about doing your hair. I'm all about making sure you know how to keep it healthy and fabulous between visits. Consider me your hair care coach.


When you're in my chair, you're in for more than a hair session – it's a conversation. I start each appointment by listening to your thoughts and worries, then together, we game-plan a hair journey that's uniquely yours.


So let's do this, shall we? Get ready for hair that's not only amazing but also totally you.




Cindy Perez


“Why Karma?”

By definition, karma is energy created through actions of thoughts, words, and deeds. My mission is to put positive energy into the work that I do, with the mindful intention of providing an exceptional service experience.

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